Travellers will need to know that as of 2nd February 2023, the cost of a new UK Passport is set to increase. 
The fee for a standard online application made from within the UK is set to rise from £75.50 to £82.50 for adults and from £49 to £53.50 for children, if Parliament agrees to these new costs. 
For postal applications, these will increase from £85 to £93 for adults and from £58.50 to £64 for children. 
These new fees include those newly applying or those renewing their passport. 
Priority service fees are also set to aligned so all customers will pay the same. 
According to the Government, these new fees will assist the Home Office to move closer to a system that meets its costs through those who use the service, thus reducing the reliance upon funding derived from generation taxation. 
The rise in fees will also go towards the cost of processing passports application, consular support overseas (including lost or stolen passports), and the cost of processing British citizens at UK borders. 
The Government is keen to say it does not make any profit from the cost of passport applications. 
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