Northern Lights Flight Experience 2024 / 25 New dates announced.. 

In addition to searching for the Northern Lights, this experience also includes fascinating, exclusive pre-flight presentations with our expert team of astronomers who provide you with a wealth of information about the wonders of the night sky. Throughout the flight, our astronomers will also give expert commentary on the many wonders you will see, from the Milky Way to Orion’s Belt. Away from light pollution, this is perhaps the most vibrant you will ever see some of the more famous constellations. 
Trip Highlights 
Exclusive pre-flight presentations and in-flight commentary by our expert astronomers 
Flight excursion in search of the Northern Lights with expert night-sky commentary (approximately 3-3 ½ hours, depending on the departure airport location) 
Light refreshments on board 
All airport taxes 
Services of an Omega Breaks tour manager 
The Aurora’s appearance can vary from a weak glow to a breathtaking, sky-filling display, and even though the best views may be had from ground level, visibility can be hampered by surrounding light pollution, bad weather or an inconveniently cloudy night. However our flight excursions endeavour to eliminate these factors, aiming to improve chances of viewing this spectacle. 
Our evening begins with two informative presentations given by our expert astronomers. These will be held either at the airport itself or in a nearby hotel and in total will last for around one hour. The exclusive talks will describe how the flight will operate, the main sights that will be visible out of the plane window, how and why the aurora happens and of course, the much anticipated forecast of our chance of seeing a Northern Lights display on the flight*! After the briefing we proceed to the airport departure lounge to board our flight. 
After take-off, approximately 25 minutes before we reach our holding point the cabin is made as dark as possible, allowing time for our eyes to adapt to the darkness for optimal viewing of the night sky**. And then with expert commentary, our search for the Northern Lights begins and we take in the majesty of the night sky. From a shooting star to an iconic constellation, there is plenty to admire, all with the help of the expert astronomy team. 
In order to give all passengers an equal chance of viewing the aurora from a window seat, everyone is required to rotate seats with the other passengers in their row of three (or two, as is typical from Edinburgh or Glasgow). Please be aware that this needs to be done in virtual total darkness. Instruction will be given when it is time to swap seats and this is normally repeated several times to ensure that everyone gets a chance to see what’s being described outside. 
After our night sky observation, the cabin lights will be switched back on and light refreshments will be served as we travel back to the airport, reflecting on this unique and special experience. 
*Please note: what is actually visible during the flight may differ from the forecast. 
** During the period of darkness the cabin toilets will be temporarily taken out of service for safety reasons and to prevent the internal light inside each toilet from disturbing passengers’ night vision. 
Helpful Information 
Please note valid passports are required. 
We will need passenger names (First and Last name only) as per passport. These names MUST match with your passport 
If any passenger would like sole use of a row of two or three seats, or if a party of two would like sole use of a row of three seats, this can be done BUT full cost will have to be paid for the extra seat. 
Please note as the Northern Lights is a natural phenomenon, we cannot guarantee a successful sighting. 
New Dates coming soon: please call 01347822541 or e mail your choices to 
All prices are per person 
2024/2024 updated 19 Apr 
28 Nov 
£ 249.00 
26 Mar 
£ 249.00 
24 Nov 
£ 249.00 
28 Mar 
£ 249.00 
27 Nov 
£ 249.00 
27 Mar 
£ 249.00 
More to be announced 
To book we will need full names as per passports dates of birth and contact details,  
full payment at the time of booking. 
please email to  
Client reviews:  
From Andrew York - Gatwick Feb 24 
We checked in at the Holiday Inn & met with our Hosts. Excellent presentation from Peter the Astronomer form BBC's Sky at Night team, he explained how the whole flight would work and what we are likely to see.  
Shuutle was available to Gatwick from the Holiday inn but I chose to park independantly and the check in was very quick as Gatwick was quiet. Slight delay on te Tui flight and we set off, staff were very efficient and as we climbed over the clouds, Peter came on the tannoy and described the star clusters etc. When we got to our destination which was north of the Shetlands, the aircraft went black to ensure our eyes got used to the night sky.  
Sadly on this flight the lights were not on great form  
but Peter made up for it with stories and commentary on the star formations, The Milky Way was spectacular and overall I was happy with the outcome. A snack on the way back to London and a quick landing and off to the car park. 
From Sue - Leeds departure Dec 22 
I thoroughly enjoyed the trip from the pre-flight presentation to the flight. 
A change of hotel booking made the whole process easier because the new hotel provided a shuttle service to the airport. 
Overall, it’s a very well-organised break. The astronomer was very knowledgeable and helpful, Jet2 provided a comfortable flight. I’d recommend it to anyone who has even the slightest interest in viewing the northern lights or the stars and planets because the lack of light pollution opens up the universe. 
The northern lights were visible, although fairly muted on Sunday night. I was happy to have seen them and to have another event ticked off my “to do” list. 
Thank you for all your help with this. 
To book or ask for further details, please call Travelfox on 01347 822541 or email 
Holiday is organised by and operated by Omega Holidays 

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