RV & Motorhome Holidays - Welcome! 

Why Consider a Motorhome Holiday? 
FREEDOM - Stop when you want, explore and experience the true scale of the area you're visiting. 
FLEXIBILITY - Stopped at a location and you want to explore more? No problem! With the kids, and they're getting bored? Just pack up and go! 
COSTS - Comparing hotels costs, together with meals drinks transfers or parking can add up even in a reasonably priced country. A family holiday in a motorhome means mealtimes can work out as affordable as home living. 
NATURE - Wake up to fresh air, sounds of birdlife, and beautiful landscapes – you can't get better than that! 
ACCESS - With National Parks having limited hotel accommodation spaces, RV and camping sites are in abundance offering the freedom for you to enjoy stunning locations and gorgeous views.  
GOLDEN RULE - You cannot collect a motorhome after a long-haul flight so we always include the first night stay in any quotation. Extra nights both pre and post tour can be arranged. 
Choosing Your Motorhome - Some Tips 
SIZE - We recommend a slightly larger motorhome for long tours, so for 2 people book a 4 berth; for 4 people book a 6 berth. Motorhomes and RVs come in all shapes and sizes, so talk to us here at Travelfox about what would be suitable for you. 
COSTS - Will depend on availability of the vehicle and the time of year; high season summer in all countries will be popular so there might be fewer available vehicles and prices will be higher. A good tip is to try and travel in the shoulder months. Book well in advance for the best choice and best price. 
ONE WAY HIRE - Can be arranged in all countries and are subject to a one-way fee payable with the holiday costs. We try to include all possible costs such as fully comprehensive insurance, vanity kits (ie pots and pans knives and forks, bedding etc). 
MILEAGE - Where possible, go for unlimited mileage, or at least a generous mileage allowance which will cover your itinerary. Then you have no hidden surprises when you arrive to collect your motorhome. 
We've recently put together a bespoke RV holiday which included the details of two incredible motorhomes.  
The first model is an A Class Motorhome from El Monte. 
Seating Capacity: 6 passengers 
Sleeping Capacity: 6 passengers 
Bedding:1 x double, 4 x single 
Living Amenities: Kitchen, shower, toilet, water tank, waste tank 
Vehicle Features: Air conditioning, heating, generator, awning, child seats mountable (not included) 
Category: Motorhome Class A Edition: Luxurious, slide-out model 
Year: 2021-2023 
Length: 31 - 34 feet 
Transmission: Automatic 
Engine: Petrol 
The other model was a C30 from Cruise America 
Seating Capacity: 7 passengers 
Sleeping Capacity: 7 passengers 
Bedding:3 x double, 1 x single 
Living Amenities: Kitchen, shower, toilet, water tank, waste tank 
Vehicle Features: Air conditioning, heating, generator 
Model Year: 2018-2022 
Length: 9.1 metres 
Transmission: Automatic 
Engine: Petrol 
For this customer we've researched flights and costs, hotels upon arrival and departure, the types of RV, the suggested route & itinerary, taxes, booking fees, hiring of the RV, and insurance. 
We can create your dream holiday bespoke just for you and we provide quotes, details and do all the hard work so you don't have to! 

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