Dreaming about your 2023 holiday? 
Want to plan your once in a lifetime trip but don’t know where to start? 
Needing a ‘vacation’ but don’t have the time to book it? 
Look no further! 
With our expertise and a wide selection of holidays destinations at our fingertips, here at Travelfox you can be as specific or as broad as you wish and we’ll do the rest. 
One of our recent client instructions was to create a RV holiday in the United States. 
For those who aren’t sure what an RV is, it’s a Recreational Vehicle, a truly wonderful way of exploring the country you’re visiting. 
An RV vacation or break means you have your accommodation with you at all times. You can opt for budget vehicles or ‘blow the expense’ ones, it’s really up to you. 
The client in question wanted everything arranging, from flights to vehicle hire and from hotels upon arrival and departure to planning the actual routes. 
A budget was decided and it was up to us to sort it. 
Upon leaving the UK via booked flights, we researched the hotels and their proximity to the nearest Interstate for our client. 
We also arranged for RV collection and sorted all paperwork related to it. 
All our clients had to do was bring their luggage, passports and relax. 
For some of our RV customers, they simply want to arrive safely, pick up the RV and away they go. 
For our client, they wanted us to work out a specific a route that took in the likes of Aspen, some of the USA’s National Parks and the Grand Canyon. 
The Travel Fox team worked out the travel times between each destination, how many nights the guests could stay at each location, and how much time they needed to allow to get back to the drop off point and the airport. 
We also booked the hotel and taxis at the end of their stay ready for their flights home. 
Working out the route is one of the most enjoyable aspects of arranging an RV holiday and the client stipulated how much driving they want to do between each stop. 
The other fun part of helping our client book the RV break of their dreams is selecting the RV itself. 
Now there are RV and then there are RVs! 
For this particular client, they required a larger RV so we carefully researched two vehicles, a six-berth and a seven-berth. 
These RVs are truly fabulous and leave nothing out, so there is bedding, a kitchen, lounge area and equipment, a shower, toilet, a water tank and a waste tank. 
There is also a generator, camping chairs and more. 
These types of RVs are state-of-the-art and very, very comfortable, and excellently appointed so it’s like having a home from home but on wheels. 
We sent the client details about each RV including photos, specs and 360-degree video links. 
Here at Travel Fox, we’ve got everything covered so there are some pitfalls to avoid if you are arranging an RV trip yourself. 
While we won’t reveal our trade secrets, you might be surprised at the many items that can be missed, such as local taxes and lots of other elements. 
Our service also includes working out the costs, including flights, taxes, booking fees, luggage weights, accommodation, motorhome hire, insurances, vanity kits and ATOL Protection. 
For this particular holiday, with premium economy flights and everything included, this bespoke budget came out from £ 2998.00. 
And don’t forget , we can even provide Travel Insurance if needed. 
Life on the open road is a fantastic way to see the US of A, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. 
With the United State of America, there is spectacular countryside, wide open spaces, jaw-dropping mountain views and iconic natural landmarks can be seen at its best from a RV, which gives you flexibility and freedom. 
Tempted? Give us a call today! 
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