Top Ten Reasons To Book Your Dream Holiday With Travelfox! 
Most of us are looking forward to travelling again! Here at Travelfox, we are ready and waiting for the time when world travel is safe once again. 
Many of you will be dreaming of your ideal getaway: beach holiday, city break, mountain escape … the world is waiting for you! 
You want your holiday to go without a hitch, and Travelfox is your 'go-to' independent travel agent. 
As we look forward to further announcements from the British Government as to foreign leisure travel, here at Travelfox we are ready to make your dream holiday a stress-free reality. 
In a world when anyone can browse, book and ‘be there’, how can Travelfox help you? 
Now more than ever, Travelfox can give you peace of mind. 
You can be secure in the knowledge the Travelfox team can help you with every aspect of your holiday, so everyone has a great experience without pressure or worry! 
Here are ten great reasons to use Travelfox, Yorkshire’s independent travel agent. 
1) Choices – It goes without saying that we all have different ideas and needs with our travel requirements. A truly independent agent works with suppliers who can offer a choice as to destination, accommodation and travel arrangements which will suit you as an individual. We recognise that you want something different to the ‘rest of the herd’. 
2) Independent Thinking – Being independent means we will always look to match the right holiday to the needs of each of our clients, and we are not dictated to by corporate policy. We have the ability to ‘think outside the box’ and create the best holiday possible for you. 
3) Personal Travel Planning – We don’t just find the right holiday, we also look at the minute detail, such as finding the best flight time for you, when you leave your home and return to it. We make sure everything fits with you in a timely, practical and economical way. 
4) Financial Protection and the Pandemic – With Travelfox, all clients’ monies are financially protected under ABTA, ATOL and IATA. So, in the event of financial failure of any part of the arrangements, you have peace of mind. Of course, we are all aware of the affects the Covid-19 Pandemic has had on the travel industry. Travelfox has been at the forefront for its customers during one of the most disruptive events in our recent history. We have worked tirelessly by changing travel arrangements for our clients. We ensured holidays were not ‘lost’! Travelfox, together with tour operators, have been instrumental in helping issue valid credit notes for our clients, and these credit notes have been given financial protection under ABTA and the CAA, so our clients are still protected.  
Here at Travelfox, this is what we’ve been doing ‘behind the scenes’ and we have relieved our clients of the anxiety of potential pitfalls. We have four mini case studies, detailed below, showing our dedication to our business and our ability to deliver great service. 
5) Responsibility – We undertake that working with our travel suppliers, should any part of the holiday be compromised in any way, we will take responsibility to put things right! We do not leave you to your own devices whilst abroad to sort matters out. You have the peace of mind to leave this to Travelfox and if the worst should happen, you are not alone and you have the full back-up of the Travelfox team. 
6) Contact – We are not a nine-to-five travel shop. We offer our services normally between 8.00am to 8.00pm, both midweek and weekends. We have an out-of-hours service for those clients who are on the other side of the world and need help and support. In addition to the phone and service by email, we are on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and there’s an online chat on our website. 
7) Pricing – We all have different tastes and desires and look for different elements and qualities in a holiday. We work within a client’s budget and our pricing is competitive with online suppliers and in most cases is better than many pricing structures out there. In all cases, we deliver ‘value for your money’ whether you are spending a few hundred pounds to over £100,000 or more. When our clients return home, we want them to feel that they have totally enjoyed themselves and received value for money. 
8) Personal Visits – Where permitted and possible, we have always adopted a policy of seeing clients in their own home or office to talk through their holiday plans, so if you prefer to discuss your plans in a more private environment such as your own living room, then we will visit by appointment, evenings and weekends to suit you. At the time of writing this is subject to Covid-19 restrictions and safety measures. Your health and safety is always a priority. 
9) Research – Our role is to do the research and ensure all aspects of the holiday are suitable and practical for the individual client. Sometimes clients like to do their own research again, which is totally fine, and in these instances, we work in successful collaboration, which is also another HUGE plus. 
10) Documentation – Included in our role is ensuring our clients’ travel has proper and legal documentation such as passports, Visas, licences for car hire, medical certificates where appropriate, and currently, immigration documents to return to the UK. Also, we cannot stress enough how valuable good quality travel insurance is, therefore we insist all our travellers are covered, and if clients do not have their own insurance, we offer a choice of policies to suit their needs from single trip to an annual policy with all medical conditions covered. This will ensure that any unforeseen, medical, or legal problems are looked after and dealt with whilst abroad, avoiding financial loss for the customer. 
So, these are ten great reasons to use Travelfox! We can think of many more, of course. All that remains now is for you to read through these four mini case studies (or success stories as we like to call them!), showing you how, even in times when very little travel took place, we’ve been working hard for our customers. 
Mini Case Studies 
Here are some examples of the hard work we’ve carried out on behalf of our clients. 
(1) Alaska cruise booked to travel in July 2020 - Moved to July 2021; recent changes in Canadian government policy meant that holiday will again be cancelled and moved (successfully) to 2022. 
(2) The Travelfox team also moved a family holiday to Cyprus three times - From April to October half term, then to November; then from November to Easter 2021, and now June 2021. The reasons for these multiple changes included when family members proved Covid-positive with a PCR test. Travelfox was there for them every step of the way and took the stress out of rearranging the holiday. 
(3) Cancelling two business flights to Houston for April 2020 - and obtaining a refund. This process took six months, however Travelfox were successful in obtaining it. 
(4) A client who was due to take a holiday in Canada in July 2020 - For which we received her refund last month. In the main, it is the airlines which have held up most of the holiday refunds, but here at Travelfox, we have been there for each and every one of our clients. 
What Next For The Travel Industry? 
Dig out your passport! Remember to check that it is valid for travel and is now valid for at least 6 months from the date of travel. Then it’s time to dream big! 
The Travelfox team has vast experience in the travel sector and has helped arrange safaris, honeymoons, skiing trips, world cruises, sports holidays and more. We expect travel in the UK and to certain European destinations will be viable by mid-2021. At the time of writing, it was recently announced that domestic sailings for the cruise industry will run again from 17th May. Steps are already being taken including all crews have to be vaccinated and will quarantine for 14-days aboard the ships before passengers even embark. Questions still linger over this, including whether passengers need to be vaccinated, for example. 
So, while we’re all really in need of a holiday, and as the vaccination roll-out continues, we just have to be patient for just a little bit longer. Travelfox has its ‘paw’ on the pulse of all the latest travel announcements and we’ll update our Facebook platforms regularly. The time is near when we can travel the world again, create new memories, enjoy new experiences and leave our houses safely. Our website has lots of tempting suggestions for your future holidays, from Alaska to Zanzibar! We would encourage you to come up with your holiday list: your perfect destinations, your budget, your dates so you can get in touch with us once the latest travel announcements have been made. 
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