The Best Guide to Motorhome Holidays!  
A motorhome holiday is a wonderful way in which to immerse yourself in the country you’re visiting. 
The open road ... surrounded by nature ... a flexible and relaxing way to enjoy your once-in-a-lifetime road trip! 
Stop where you want, explore at leisure, enjoy! 
You get a true sense of place and can fully appreciate your surroundings. 
Here's we've put together the best guide to RV or motorhome holidays and we've got a fantastic range of trips in the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. 
RV and Motorhome Holidays – All You Need to Know 
What is the best way to see those ‘bucket list’ places across the globe? 
From the cabin of a luxury motorhome or RV, of course! 
Motorhome holidays are ‘big news’ and as we slowly emerge from the Covid-19 Pandemic aftermath, it is one of the safest ways to travel and explore your dream destinations. 
Travelfox has teamed up with Travelpack to present some of the best RV tours on the planet including the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. 
What is an RV holiday? 
An RV (short for recreation vehicle), also known as a motorhome or a camper, is a motor vehicle including living quarters in which you can eat, sleep, and relax. 
These types of holidays lend themselves to a once-in-a-lifetime road trip. 
We’ve put together affordable motorhome holidays that won’t break the bank, meaning you can tick a few places of that travel wish list at a reasonable cost. 
What are the advantages of a motorhome holiday? 
A motorhome holiday is a wonderful way in which to immerse yourself in the country you’re visiting. 
Miles of open road with places to stop off and explore, going at your own pace and with the flexibility of having your sleeping quarters right behind you – what more could you want? 
You can stop where you want to, and you can move on when you want to. 
An RV holiday is a very flexible way of having a holiday in which you get a true sense of place and can fully appreciate your surroundings. 
What does a motorhome holiday cost? 
Hotels are great for a luxury breaks but the costs can quickly add up. 
An RV holiday means you can eat cheaply, preparing food in your vehicle and then have an occasional meal out as a treat. 
A motorhome holiday is particularly cost-effective if you’re holidaying with your family and have hungry kids to feed! 
Like all holidays, there are peak seasons and shoulder months. 
Common sense dictates those peak times mean higher costs and availability of vehicles and pitches can be limited. Off-season or shoulder holidays are cheaper and usually much quieter, so they’re definitely worth considering. 
Other tips that can help with costs 
There is also the option of the one-way hire system which is subject to an additional tariff. The costs of outward and return flights plus hotel accommodation are included with our Travelfox and Travelpack getaways. 
Always check the mileage allowance too … you don’t want any unexpected costs at the end of your trip. 
How do I book an RV holiday? 
We have done all the groundwork and put together great itineraries, flights, and other elements so you know exactly what you’re paying. 
We can add on extras such as the one-way hire fee, extra nights in hotels at the start and end of your journey, and we can even book RV pitches for you! 
Items that are not included are food and drink, toiletries, and day-to-day expenses. 
We have put together a list of USA breaks including New England, North West USA, Wisconsin, California, Nevada and Arizona, Oregon, the Great Lakes, the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas, Florida, with prices starting at just £999 per person. 
We’ve also got breaks you can take in Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. 
What is there to do during a motorhome holiday? 
You can tour the National Parks, drink in the countryside, and relax while you drive from one destination to another. 
If you love history or art, then why not stay in one place for a few days and have the ultimate cultural experience! 
The best way to plan this sort of trip to stick to a plan that isn’t too arduous and ensuring there is a place to legally park at the end of the day. 
The countries we’ve selected have camping sites in abundance though it is always best to book ahead if you can. America is very well furnished with RV parks. 
What sort of RV do I want? 
In recent years, there has been a boom in motorhome and RV production.  
The best RVs are well-planned out with clever storage solutions, comfy beds, seating areas and vanity kits (crockery, cutlery) plus an easy-to-use/maintain bathroom. 
Motorhomes and RVs vary in size and the rule of thumb is to hire a vehicle that is larger than you need, so for 2 people, hire a 4 berth and for 4 people a 6 berth.  
You will thank us for this advice if you’re touring for two weeks or more! 
I want to have a motorhome holiday … what do I do next? 
We’ve put together some stunning breaks and you can see all the details including the USA, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. 
First of all, check your passport is valid. 
For the USA, Canada, you will now need a Visa to travel. 
For Australia you’ll need an ETA and an NZeTA to travel to New Zealand. 
You will also need to check if your driving licence is valid particularly in the USA where different rules apply for different states. 
We can sort all this for you so you can relax and look forward to your break. 
Who is Travelfox and Travelpack? 
We’ve combined our expertise and our knowledge along with that of Travelpack to help our customers get the best holiday experiences they can, with the financial protection offered with ATOL and ABTA. 
While you could do all of it yourself, RV and motorhome holidays are very specialist as there are many details that you simply can’t overlook. 
With the recovery of the global travel industry set to take place over the next few months, we’ll all be eager to travel again but might think twice about staying in one location for longer stays. 
The best way to explore big countries such as Australia is by RV. USA, Canada and Australia are vast countries offering miles and miles of jaw-dropping countryside. 
New Zealand offers scenery that is varied and spectacular, best seen from an RV or motorhome. 
The best way to explore is to be high up in the RV cab, the open road before you and with your accommodation ‘in tow’. 
We carefully select our holidays and vehicles for comfort, cleanliness, and reliability. 
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